Wesley Woodyard MVP of Broncos Defense?


Wesley Woodyard is having an All-Pro year in Denver

The Denver Broncos fourth ranked defense has a lot of impact players.   Long time All-Pro Champ Bailey continues to amaze, Elvis Dumervil is a sacking machine, young guns Tony Carter and Chris Harris are playing out of this world , and Von Miller is among the NFL leaders in sacks and tackles for losses.

But you could make a case that Wesley Woodyard is out performing them all.  The inspiring linebacker  (who has been a team captain on every team he ever played on since high school) is averaging almost 9 tackles a game and is currently eighth in the NFL in total tackles.   Of the top ten tacklers in the NFL, nobody has more than one interception while Woodyard has three so far this season.  Of the top ten tacklers in the NFL only two have more than two sacks and Woodyard has four.

When you think of great linebackers in the NFL you must consider the San Francisco 49ers.    Patrick Willis is considered by many as the best linebacker in the country, yet Woodyard has eight more tackles, two more interceptions, and 3.5 more sacks than Willis this season.   NaVorro Bowman another standout linebacker for the dominating 49ers defense has three more tackles than Woodyard, but Wesley has two more interceptions and two more sacks. Not too shabby!

So when your standing around the water-cooler at work and everyone is discussing whether Von Miller or JJ Watt should be the NFL’s Defensive player of the year,  it wouldn’t be out of line to also suggest Wesley Woodyard.    When you add in total tackles, interceptions, and sacks, he may be the best.

By Charlene, Bronco Planet Blogger