Week 2 Broncoplanet Prediction contest



The Denver Broncos travel to New York this week to face the Giants in what is being dubbed the “Manning Bowl III.” Denver is favored by 5 points according to the first opening odds from the Wise Guys in Las Vegas. The weather should be sunny and in the 70′s as the two teams kickoff on Sunday at 2:25 pm MDT on the Fieldturf at MetLife Stadium.

Last week, we gave away an autographed Bronco ball cap signed by 1st round draft pick Sylvester Williams. Robert Cochrane, who represents Broncos Country from Las Vegas, Nevada was the winner.

This week, we have a fan prize pack consisting of  a Rally towel from the Broncos victory over the Ravens during the NFL Thursday opener last week. Surrounding it in the above picture are two Bumper Stickers any Bronco fan would proudly sport, three other decals, a Beer (or soda) coozy and a Broncos key chain.


Just go to this site at Challengebuilder.com and predict the score. Don’t forget to enter a prediction for the tiebreaker too.

Challenge Builder is a site that lets you create and manage your own customized online challenges.

What’s a Challenge?

Whatever you want it to be. Predict the score and key stats for a football game. Guess the birthdate, height, and weight for your sister’s upcoming baby. See who in your office really knows all the Award Show winners before they’re announced. We give you the tools to easily create a challenge for anything you want.

There were 73 entries last week, so I decided to begin earlier this time around.

Good luck and…

Go Broncos!

– Kaptain Kirk

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