Peyton Manning-Touchdowns to Drive Out Hunger



“If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved.” -Bono


Sometimes people have fantastic ideas and they need to be shared.

On twitter earlier this week my friend @dipitydawg tweeted: “For each TD Manning throws in the month of November, lets donate 5 canned goods. Join me! #BroncosCountry”.


Later, one of his followers, Erin (@elinalokahi) said, “Make it six! One for every point he scores. (;”


Let’s join them! Any and all Bronco fans who would like to participate please donate SIX cans of food for every touchdown that Peyton Manning throws in the month of November. There are many places in every community that collect cans for those in need. You can donate to churches, food banks, food pantries, rescue missions, homeless shelters, and a multitude of other places. It is possible this means donating 18, 24 or even 42 cans a week, which can be a bit pricey for fans, but obviously any donation that is made will make a difference for a family this Thanksgiving.

Imagine the impact we could make in our communities if 10 people participated! What if Hundreds or Thousands participated? Make a difference this year and like @dipitydawg says, “Feed the needy when the Broncos be gettin’ greedy.”


Go Broncos!

-Tiffany Catellier

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