Horse Whisperings-Draft Notes From Day 1 and New Beginnings


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First of all, I’d like to thank all the Bronco players who attended Lonie Paxton and Zane Beadles Bowling/Draft party yesterday. It was an exciting event that any Bronco fan would eat up. There were about 30 players who participated and it was a blast. There was even a Wes Welker sighting. The proceeds from the event went to Lonie’s Active Force charity. There was a silent auction for some very awesome Bronco memorabilia, such as signed jerseys, footballs, cleats and gloves, but the featured piece was an airbrushed painting by artist Jimmy Conca that sold for $3000. If you missed the You Tube time lapse recreation of this highly detailed picture, click the link. Seeing it in person was something to behold. When I say highly detailed, I’m telling you it was like a high definition photograph. A truly magnificent piece of work.

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I am very happy to welcome the Broncos 2013 1st round draft pick Defensive Tackle Sylvester Williams to Broncos Country. The Broncos have needed to address this position via the draft since the back to back Super Bowls. If you are active in the Twitterverse, you can follow the newest Broncos at @Sylwil92. Sylvester is scheduled to meet the media at 3:30 pm MT today at Dove Valley.

I was extremely fortunate to chat up close and personal with Center J.D. Walton, one of my favorite guys. J.D. is one of the players that spends time talking with the fans at Training Camp. Of course the Offensive Lineman eat up the attention, but J.D. is a true down-to-earth man that anyone would enjoy being around. Guards Chris Kuper and Zane Beadles are the same way. I asked J.D. how he was healing and he said he was doing great, so look for him to pick up where he left off last season before his unfortunate fractured left ankle injury he suffered during the Week 4 victory over the Raiders last season.

I asked Zane Beadles to consider adding a Golf outing with him within his Cakes for Cancer Charity drive that he sponsors each year. He liked the idea and told me about an event that he is planning in the Fall. Stay tuned and be sure that when it comes around, Broncoplanet will let you know.

I also got up close with Lonie Paxton and took a picture of one of his 3 Super Bowl Rings. It was Ginormous and appeared to be about the size of a Golf Ball. While I was standing there, he took a picture with a young fan and even let the kid wear his ring. I must say, that Broncos Country is blessed to have such awesome players who enjoy interacting with the fans.

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I really enjoyed talking with Ben Garland. This guy is too cool. He really took an interest in my story about dealing with Lupus and told me I should be writing my story and not about the Broncos. It was humbling for me and I thanked him very much. I didn’t find out until this morning, that Ben will be moving from the Defensive Line to the Offensive Line, or I would have asked him for a little insight. This gentleman will succeed in anything he wants to, and I wouldn’t put it past Adam Gase to call a Red Zone pass play for Ben. He is just that athletic for a big man.

All in all, Shadd, Danny and I got quite a bit of swag autographed for giveaways this year, so there’s a bonus in it for you too. We also got to meet Kim Constantinesco from Predominantly Orange. We have been missing each other at various Bronco events for quite some time and it was good to finally meet up with her.

I’m looking forward to seeing more Bronco additions from Day 2 of the NFL Draft.


Go Broncos!

– Kaptain Kirk

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