Dumervil Gone: One Fan’s Reaction


Elvis Dumervil determined to feel wanted wherever he lands in NFL I had just finished up a 1000 word offering on why the Denver Broncos would be better off retaining Defensive End Elvis Dumervil when the news emerged that he had been stolen away by the Baltimore Ravens. That makes two times already this year that the Ravens have beaten the Broncos. That is enough to make any Bronco fans Orange blood boil.

Denver would have been better with rather than without the services of Dumervil. Why? Because he played the most snaps on Defense last season. I have heard people say that he sucks defending the run. My previous statement pretty much stymies that argument. Now the Broncos will be required to substitute one more player on Defense when changing personnel packages and that will allow the opposing Offense to dictate the game.

How’s that you say? Simple?

The NFL is a copycat league. The Hurry up Offense that the Broncos used last year will be employed by more and more teams this season. Yeah, the same one those pesky Ravens ran so well on us a few months ago. That’s the one. The Atlanta Falcons use it. The Patriots have been using it for a while and the Houston Texans use it too. Three of those teams are on the Broncos 2013 schedule and you just know former coach Mike McCoy will have the Chargers running it twice against our team.

Having Elvis Dumervil in the lineup gave Broncos Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio one less player to substitute for. Switching back and forth between a Base Defense and the Nickel package creates advantages for an Offense to dictate terms to a Defense. We know that football games are decided by matchups and going into next season without Dumervil on the Broncos Defensive Line will be like relying on a gimpy Running Back to carry his team.

On to Plan B

So the next step will be for the Broncos to pursue the 33 year old Dwight Freeney or 34 year old John Abraham and pick up a Defensive End next month in the NFL Draft. This is a recurring theme that John Elway has used. Bring in a veteran on a short deal and draft someone to fill the void with developing talent. The Broncos need an infusion on the interior Defensive Line as well and could select a Tackle while throwing Malik Jackson and Robert Ayers into the mix on running downs at Right End after they pick up one of the two situational pass rushers listed above. In either case, those of you who have your heart set on Alabama Running Back Eddie Lacy with the Broncos first pick can now show your disappointment, because that ain’t happening. Lacy isn’t worth a 1st round pick anyway, so don’t sweat it.

Players like Alex Okafor and Sam Montgomery are sitting in the Draft picture at 28th. The best play will be for the Broncos to move back to around the 35-40th spot, where better value lies and let the draft come to them like last year when they took Derek Wolfe.

I looked at a few possibilities in that area recently. The Arizona Cardinals are sitting around that position and might be tempted to move up for Eddie Lacy or one of the Quarterbacks. That would allow Denver to take a Margus Hunt, Cornelius Carradine, Sylvester Williams, Arthur Brown or Sio Moore. Those 5 kids have the best value in the mid-2nd round and that would net the Broncos an extra 3rd or 4th round pick. They are already missing a sixth round pick this year and John Elway has stressed that it is their preference to build the team through the draft. That extra pick would pay dividends down the road.

So actually there IS a “Plan B.”

Go Broncos!

—– Kaptain Kirk

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