Denver Broncos Salute To Fans Tour – Pueblo


I had a chance to travel down to Pueblo (a 40-50 mile trek) yesterday for the Denver Broncos Salute To Fans Tour. It was a good thing I left early because my directions weren’t entirely accurate. Nevertheless, I arrived before the players did and joined the other fans in line.  The event ran about 45 minutes behind the schedule, but it was worth the wait.

There were three Bronco players in attendance; Kevin Vickerson, David Bruton and Malik Jackson. Miles the Mascot and two cheerleaders (Katie and Christina) were also signing. I took a few pictures on my iPhone for your enjoyment.

IMG_0242 IMG_0243 IMG_0245

All three players were having a good time and were very amenable to take pictures with the fans.

IMG_0247  IMG_0248 IMG_0259

Malik Jackson (#70) looks bigger than I remember from Training Camp last year. I told David Bruton (#30) that his was my very first Bronco autograph. That was at Training Camp during his rookie year. Miles (#00) was smiling the whole time. I think this is the most attention he gets all year.



I got Kevin Vickerson (#99) to sign a mini helmet and all three signed a ball cap — Bruton actually signed it twice. We all laughed and I told them it was alright, I was going to give it away or donate it to charity. I think that was the right answer because Malik stood up, shook my hand and said Thank you. I wished them all a healthy and productive year and thanked them for coming out and visiting. I told Katie (the brunette above) who I was and she said that she reads my stuff all the time. How awesome is that! Christina (the blonde) was happy to pose for a good picture.

Well that’s how my Thursday went. Not a bad one Broncos Country. Not at all.

Go Broncos!

—– Kaptain Kirk

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