Denver Broncos Alumni: A Gathering Of Legends



The 7th Annual Denver Broncos Alumni Golf Tournament and Fundraiser took place yesterday. There were over 48 Bronco legends including two coaches that participated, including Rod Smith, Dennis Smith, Steve Atwater, Charley Johnson Billy Thompson and coach Red Miller.

Shadd and I were there covering the event, along with the lovely Genna, taking pictures, videos, interviews and chatting it up with some of the guys we grew up with watching on television. If I thought I’d had a good time at the Draft party a few months ago, this was going to top that, and that was pretty amazing.


Among a few of the highlights, for me at least, was meeting one of the “Three Amigos,” Mark Jackson. I was blown away that he had already knew me and was familiar with my work. Needless to say, that put me on Cloud Nine. I got to chat with him about a few things that I will get too later on. I will be corresponding with him further, so you are all in for a really good story.


I also got to visit with Tom Graham, his wife Marilyn and her sister Sylvia at length. Tom has the distinction of losing his job to a Hall of Fame qualified player: Randy Gradishar. He is also the proud parent of Tight End Daniel Graham. I was telling them how their son was very accessible at Training Camp and that I’d had many conversations with him. It was only after he had moved on from the team, that I found out we were from the same home town. As we talked further, Marilyn told me that Tom went to the same high school that my father had. Small world isn’t it? I will be keeping in touch with that family as well.


I cannot say enough good things about this next pair, who spent their careers side by side patrolling and enforcing the Defensive backfield for the Broncos. I’m speaking of Steve Atwater and Dennis Smith. I’ll tell you what, when a player that you enjoyed watching remembers your name, it really says something about the quality of that person. These two guys were as awesome in person as they were on the field and it was wonderful to share a few moments with them. And the Barrel stunt with Dennis was hilarious and drew a huge crowd. All in good fun.


I’m unsure exactly sure how much money was raised, but my understanding is that it surpassed last year’s total, which ois always a good thing. The proceeds went to the Denver Police Activities League (PAL), Sungate Kids (Abused children) and Community Athletic Sports Academy (C.A.S.A.). There were large groups of kids from all three organizations out there visiting with the players and getting their pictures taken.


I was also able to secure some autographs on a few items to be given away this season. This was a memorable event for me and something that should have been on my Bucket List (if I had one). If you told me that someday I’d be rubbing elbows with some of my Broncos heroes from my younger days, I never would have believed you. I’m already looking forward to the next event, even though this high will last a few more days.


The football is signed by most of the Alumni present at the event. One mini helmet is signed by Mark Jackson, the other has Steve Atwater and Dennis Smith, and the ball cap is autographed by Mike Harden and Steve Foley. I’ve set aside the Football for a local charity of my own, but the other goodies will be given away in Drawings to those who join the Denver Broncos Booster Club.

Go Broncos!

– Kaptain Kirk

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