Broncos and Oreos? — How Social Media Changed My Perspective on What to Send to Players


Shaun Phillips

    It was the last day of the 2013 NFL Draft and I finally had a chance to watch for awhile and I immediately hear that our Denver Broncos had signed Shaun Phillips. Now, I don’t know about you, but I was not initially a happy camper. I don’t particularly like the players who play for other teams in the AFC West, naturally, and I especially did not like Phillips. That guy talked almost as much smack to our team as Philip Rivers did!

    I know now that the pickup was actually a fantastic move, especially his salary of 1 million dollars for the 2013 season, with 2 million dollars in sack incentives. He said himself that he’s made money, he’s after the one thing he doesn’t have, which is a Championship. That seems to be a theme with free agency and the Broncos this year (I’m not complaining). Overall, his presence on our team can only help, but it took me awhile to warm up to the idea. When I’d warmed up to it I got pretty excited. I wouldn’t say that Elvis Dumervil’s departure left a big gaping hole in our defense, but there was an area of need. Phillips is quite versatile and willing to play multiple roles in our defense, which fits what we’re trying to do quite well.


    I like to try and interact with players on twitter because I’m probably not ever going to get that chance in real life.  Shannon Sharpe is always raring for an argument and the Broncos rookies are definitely more willing to interact than the veteran players are. I heard Phillips on the radio shortly after he signed with us and I immediately changed my mind about him so I tweeted, “Feelings after I found out you were a Bronco: “I hate that guy.” After listening to the radio today: “I LOVE THAT GUY!” I am not used to veteran players responding to me so when he replied, “Thank you it means a lot” I was pretty ecstatic.

    One evening Omar Bolden stated something about eating Oreos and thanked Phillips for sharing the cookies with him. Phillips in return said something to the effect that he’d always have them for road trips come this fall. I asked both of them if they had ever tried a Neapolitan Triple Double Oreo and Shaun’s response was, “Send us some to the Broncos facility to my attention thank you.”


     I know what you’re thinking. This guy makes millions of dollars, why would I send him Oreos? Well, it just so happens that earlier that same week the NFL reported that Robert Griffin’s fans had purchased all of his wedding gifts on his register. I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t buy him some Oreos. Some Oreos turned into 12 packages, but he really ought to share shouldn’t he? And while I was at it I sent 8 packages to Rahim Moore as well. When Phillips tweeted a week or so later and said, “I forgot to thank the amazing fan that sent us the Neapolitan Oreos. Send me a message so I can show you some love,” it was pretty amazing. I’m so glad they got them and I hope it made OTAs a little more fun.


     For the first time ever I realized that there was no reason why I couldn’t do things like this more often, why we all couldn’t do things like this more often. They are a part of our family after all. Cards and letters are probably always appreciated, but sending something as simple as Oreos to say thanks or to wish them luck at OTAs shows that we care just a little bit more. I encourage you to be creative next time you want to send a Broncos player something special. Eric Decker is marrying Jessica James this month, if we all sent them a wedding card, wouldn’t it show that we cared about more than just his football stats? These guys become a part of our lives, some for a long while like Champ Bailey, and others just a short time. If you don’t know the address, it is listed below. Sometimes it’s fun to make them smile and remind them they’re special to us.


13655 Broncos Parkway

Englewood, CO 80112


Go Broncos!

-Tiffany Catellier

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