Broncoplanet Show and Tell: The Man Cave


Man Cave sign

We are stuck in the middle of the biggest drought of football season, the offseason doldrums where very little is on the horizon as far as news or the developments involving our favorite team. It has been my greatest challenge to fill the void in a creative manner during this time, if only to keep the morale high. Patience isn’t a common virtue in the current society of instant gratification, so with that in mind, it has been suggested that we share our Fan Caves.

I am proud to introduce you to a new section on Broncoplanet dedicated to that very theme, and to lead things off, I thought the man who came up with the idea should get the ball rolling. The inaugural Fan Cave belongs to Jeff Clark, who resides in Rochester, New York.

In 1984, Jeff’s Dad took him to a game in Buffalo, which is about an hour’s drive away from Rochester. After watching a young John Elway throw 2 Touchdown passes, including a 53-yard bomb to Steve Watson, he was hooked. Shortly after that, Jeff began building this collection. He lived in Denver from (2000-2005) and his ensemble grew by leaps and bounds, because he had easier access to more Swag.

Jeff and his wife bought their home about 3 years ago and in my opinion, she must be as rabid a Bronco fan as he is, because she gave him “Carte Blanche” to set up the rom you see in these pictures. Mrs. Clark, I Salute you!


Among the goodies are a pair of seats from the original Mile High Stadium. They are Jeff’s personal favorite. He also loves an autographed Terrell Davis mini-helmet and had the opportunity to meet TD in person in 2003.

In this Fan Cave, you will find an assortment of game-used jerseys and pants as well as a pair of game used cleats from Neil Smith. Jeff’s collection isn’t limited to Broncos paraphenalia either. He  also has NY Yankees, Buffalo Sabres and Rochester area famous athletes autographs as well as other NFL Hall Of Famer autographs.

Color me impressed.

Thanks for sharing Jeff.

Go Broncos!

– Kaptain Kirk

If you’d like to share YOUR Fan Cave with Broncoplanet send a few snapshots to me at