Bronco Fan Caves-A Trip Down Memory Lane



Just the other day, I was talking with Shadd on the phone and he asks me,

“Guess who I met yesterday?”

Before I could reply, he began giving me some clues.

“He’s still in Denver after all these years.”

Now at this point, I already know he is referring to a former Bronco, because, well that’s what Shadd does. He’s a hard-Core card-carrying member of Broncos Country and feeding that addiction is near the top of his Bucket List.

So I make a guess and say “Rod Smith” because Rod is a very busy man and seldom has any time to spare. Trying to have lunch with him is pretty rare.

“Nope” was the answer I got on the other end of the line.

“Can I buy a Vowel?”

Shadd was nice and cut to the chase instead of leaving me out to dry, and says, “Red Miller.”

Then I understood his excitement. But it didn’t end there.

I don’t recall, but Shadd ran into Red at the grocery store or something. They got to talking and Red asked him over to his house. I’m thinking “Jackpot!”

Hang on. It gets better.

Shadd tells me that he got invited down to Red’s basement “Man Cave.”

“It looked like I stepped back in time,” he says. “I go in there and there’s a couch from the 70′s. It was incredible.”

Here’s the kicker. Shadd got pictures and shared them with me. That means I simply have to share them with everyone else. This is definitely something you don’t see everyday.

Red14 Red13 Red12 Red1Red4Red11Red7Red6Red9Red8   Red5 Red10 Red3

Saving the best news for last, Red agreed to do an interview with Broncoplanet down in his “Man Cave.” I don’t know when that’s going to happen, but it’s in the books. A picture may tell a 1000 words, but I’ll bet that Red Miller could take us on a walking tour of this era in Bronco history that many of us would find enlightening.

Just when I think, “It don’t get any better than this,” something else blows me away.


Go Broncos!

– Kaptain Kirk

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