Blueprint For Success Already Established


TE Jacob Tamme

Sure the Broncos lost to the Seattle Seahawks 30-10.   Sure it hurts when you lose your best tacker in DJ Williams for a minimum of 6 games and likely 10.   And we could all sit around and cry in our coffee about losing Chris Kuper for 4 to 6 weeks and surging defensive end Jason Hunter for the rest of the season.   But watching the game last night (despite the scoreboard) Broncos fans must feel optimistic about what they are seeing.

Although he had two interceptions (1 tipped ball)  in 2 quarters of football, you can see Peyton Manning is clearly going to rack up some huge yardage this year.  Ever since Shannon Sharpe retired, the Broncos have simply ignored having solid passing receiving tight ends in favor of bulky run blocking tight ends.   The lone exception of that rule was Tony Scheffler, who McDumb nuts shipped off to the Detroit Lions. Thank goodness John Elway is back and town and understands the value of having an extra receiver versus a blocker 99% of the time.

If you followed the game closely last night you could see a blueprint for success for the 2012 Denver Broncos.   Hurry up offense, spreading the ball around, bringing back the career of Brandon (open across the middle) Stokley, speed routes to Demaryius Thomas, clutch passes to Eric Decker, and lots of work to the Broncos two new tight ends Jacob Tamme, and Joel Dreessen.

TE Joel Dreessen

Understood Tamme dropped a sure touchdown pass and Peyton let a ball get away from him on a wide open Dreessen down the seem but the blueprint was established.   Strong running from Willis McGahee (who packed on an extra ten pounds of muscle this offseason), pass catching backs like Lance Ball and Ronnie Hillman, and then a host of talented receivers and tight ends, Manning should be in great shape to eclipse 4,000 passing yards this season.

Voom and Doom with the help of rookie Derek Wolfe should be enough pressure to allow corners Champ Bailey and Tracy Porter to do their job.   Rahim Moore is much improved and if Joe Mays and Keith Brooking can put a licking on running backs up the middle the Broncos should be well on their way to a division title and maybe even the AFC championship game.

Yes, it is early in the season to be predicting championship but the blueprint John Elway and John Fox have put together with Peyton Manning at the helm is enough to get any Bronco fan excited.

By Shadd, Bronco Planet Blogger