A Day for Charity With the Broncos Alumni



Yesterday was a Monday like no other and one I will remember for a long time. Shadd and I covered the Bronco Alumni’s keystone annual fundraiser, their charity golf tournament. There will be a video forthcoming sometime in the next week. Meanwhile, I will give you a personal recap from a Bronco fans perspective.

There were 49 foursomes in this year’s event and a former Bronco player accompanied each group. In all, there were nearly 60 players present, along with a few other local celebrities from other sports.

I got to interview Dave Studdard, Reggie Rivers, Karl Mecklenburg, Steve Atwater, Haven Moses, Rich ‘Tombstone’ Jackson and catch up with a few other players that remembered me from past events.

The event, held for the second consecutive year at the Interlocken Golf Resort in Broomfield, was a 2 hour drive from Colorado Springs where I reside.

As Shadd and I make the rounds getting as much footage as possible and setting up a few comical gags to lighten his video production, I spoke with various players. If there was one constant, it was that each player really loved this event and enjoyed their yearly reunion. Especially the guys who live outside the area.

However, perhaps age and old injuries seemed prevalent around the course because some of the guys weren’t much help, other than comedy relief and company, for their foursomes.

“I stink,” said Karl Mecklenburg. “I would probably be pretty good at this if I applied myself and worked at it. I’m having fun though.”

Rich ‘Tombstone’ Jackson looked like he could still deliver an effective ‘Head Slap’ despite knee and hip replacements.

Dennis Smith said he hadn’t hit a decent ball when I ran across him later that morning. “I haven’t been able to help my team.”

I told him that golf is a frustrating game to begin with. Even for an athlete used to excelling in sports. In fact, among football players, the Quarterbacks are usually the ones who are decent-to-very good golfers. It stands to reason, since they are the high salaried players and can afford the “Country Club” lifestyle.

Steve Foley’s group ended up winning the event and coincidentally, he began his career as a quarterback, playing high school football at Jesuit High School of New Orleans and collegiately at Tulane University, before successfully converting to defensive back as a member of the Orange Crush Defense.

When the event ended, I began my drive home. So far, my Monday was outstanding, as far as Monday’s go. Then it happened. Driving through Denver rush hour traffic, my car stalled. I was in the third lane and my car dies. The gas guage said I had a quarter tank, but it was on empty. I said a prayer and tried to start my vehicle. The engine lit and I was able to get off the highway and onto a side street. In unfamiliar territory, I finally found someone who had a notion of where a gas station was. Unfortunately, that turned into a 1- 3/4 mile hike.

30 minutes later, after nearly getting run over by an impatient knucklehead driver, I spot not one, but two gas stations. Neither of which, have a gas can. To shorten the story, I called a relative and they came to my rescue. I arrived home 4 hours later than I should have though.

I would like to say that it was all worth it. I brought back the foam “D” (pictured above) signed by 12 Bronco legends, six of which are esteemed members of the Broncos Ring of Fame.

Steve Atwater #27 (ROF)

Rondell Jones #31

Jeb Putzier #88

Chris Brewer #26

Karl Mecklenburg #77  (ROF)

Rich “Tombstone’ Jackson #87 (ROF)

Haven Moses #25 (ROF)

Steve Watson #81

Dennis Smith #49 (ROF)

Rod Smith #80 (ROF)

Tyrone Braxton #34

Mike Harden #31

This piece of memorabilia is headed for auction at the Autistic School here in Colorado Springs for their yearly fundraiser to keep the school funded.

Through the good and the bad, it was worth every minute just to help some kids that can’t do anything for me.

Besides, I spent most of the day hanging with some of the players I grew up watching.


Go Broncos!

– Kaptain Kirk

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