A Broncos Christmas


Twas eight days before Christmas
The NFL was thriving
Teams were persuing playoff spots
And others barely surviving
The players were grasping at overthrown balls
Straining with might to hear muffled calls



The fans were huddled all excited in stands
While coaches on sidelines yelled out commands
And Quarterbacks in their huddles and defenses on attack
Left it all on the the fields
Without looking back

When out in Baltimore there arose such a clatter
Even folks on CBS cried, “My gosh, What’s the matter?”
Inside the broadcast booth they ran like a flash
With hands in the air and nose to the glass

The bird on the grass in the center of the field
Was littered with Ravens, it seems so unreal
Then what to millions of fans was revealed
But a lightning interception
By Harris, down the field..

And Knowshon Moreno, so lively and spry
Ed Reed knew instantly
That Broncos could fly.
More persistent than bloodhounds, like contenders, they came
The offense, the defense…and we cheered each by name

Now Peyton, Now Decker, Now Prater, and Miller
On Knowshon, On Doom….On quarterback killers…
To the top of the league, to the top of them all
Just steps from the superbowl
and the game winning ball…..

They come with determination, and fill hearts with cheer
As hope slowly rises for a miracle this year
Peyton and his Broncos primed and ready
With audibles, with signals…..quarterback steady…
Shouting to his men, to his team gives a wink
Steps back and delivers, with no time to think.
And onward they marched with the new sheriff in town
And I heard him exclaim as he slowly turned round.
Enjoy the win boys, let’s turn out the lights
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

By Melissa R. Martin, Bronco Planet Blogger