2016 Broncos-Raiders Week 17: The Day After



Overshadowing the Denver Broncos 24-6 victory over the Oakland Raiders in their season finale is the news that head coach Gary Kubiak has resigned this morning citing health reasons, and as soon as the shock wears off, we can get to the pile of questions that issue just raised. But that is for the offseason. We’ve got to close this season first.

Regardless of knowing forehand that this would be the last game Kubiak would coach, the team left a terrible December in 2016 to start off the New Year with a win. A small consolation perhaps, but finishing 9-7 as opposed to 8-8 and not having to begin the next 6 months coming off a season-ending loss is much better than what Cleveland fans have to deal with.

I realize most Bronco fans have the expectation that our team should be the annual representatives for the AFC in the Super Bowl, but this season alone should serve to remind all of us just how difficult it is to capture a Lombardi trophy.

So besides the shock of Kubiak’s au revoir, just who were those guys on the Offensive Line?

The Broncos ran for 143 yards against Oakland. Granted, Justin Forsett and Devontae Booker both ripped off some lengthy runs, but the O-Line had something to do with that and they did not allow a single Sack for only the third time all season. Still, the Raiders had 9 Tackles behind the Line of Scrimmage, so that tells you the Broncos’ O-Line didn’t just remarkably fix itself.

The Defense held the Raiders rushers to 57 yards and allowed 171 yards through the air, almost 17 yards less than their average, so the No Fly Zone will finish the season as the best in the league.

Other than that, the Broncos won the Time of Possession battle, the Turnover battle, the 3rd down conversion battle and made some 1st downs– All keys to this win.

The only thing Oakland won on Sunday, is the cointoss and that’s how it should be at Mile High. If you can’t go undefeated at Home or in the Division, at least beat the Raiders at Home each year.

Because that doesn’t supercede winning the Super Bowl each year, it’s part of the agenda.

Thank you Denver Broncos for another dramatic and exciting season. Thank You Mr. Bowlen for the standard of excellence that you set for this organization. Thank You John Elway, for your ruthless committment to that standard and to the promise of “Continually chasing Champonships.” It is obvious, at least to me, that you take that challenge very seriously. I look forward to the “competitive” people you bring into the organization this year and the assembling of the 2017 roster. To each Bronco player, Thank you for giving — on and off the field.


Go Broncos!

– Kaptain Kirk

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