2013 Denver Broncos Week 2: Game Balls


Danny Trevathan

The Denver Broncos 41-23 win over the New York Giants brought their record to 2-0. Peyton Manning beat up little brother Eli for the third and probably last time. The only way they could possibly meet once more is in the Super Bowl this season and with an 0-2 record, the Giants have an 11% chance of that happening. Fifteen other NFC teams have a say in that matter as well.

This road victory was a good test for Denver and while Broncos Country is even more enthusiastic that the men in Orange will be representing the AFC in this year’s Super Bowl, the team itself is taking the season one week at a time. No team in the NFL wants to peak in September. We need to let the crescendo build.

That said, this win was a team win, meaning all three phases of the game were heavily involved. The Defense only got pressure through Jack Del Rio’s creative blitz package, but they Intercepted Eli Manning 4 times, held the Giants to a 1.2 yard rushing average and a miniscule 1 for 11 (9%) on 3rd downs. They even overcame more shoddy, one-way officiating. When one team gets ten 1st downs via penalty and the other team has none, that’s biased officiating.

On Offense, Eric Decker held on to the ball this week, Julius Thomas looked more human than beast-like, Peyton was, well, Peyton and it was Knowshon Moreno who morphed into a man on a mission. Moreno ran with passion, rushing for 93 yards and two Touchdowns on 13 carries. That’s a 7.2 average for those of you keeping score. He did not Fumble, rather recovering one by Demaryius Thomas, caught all 3 passes that came his way and blocked like a madman in pass protection. For that, Knowshon Moreno gets the Game Ball on  Offense.

On Special Teams, Matt Prater kicked 2 Field Goals and 5 Extra Points. Britton Colquitt punted 5 times with a less than ordinary (for Britton) 40 yard gross average that including 2 placed Inside the 20 yard line, but he was effective enough that the Coverage unit only allowed 13 total yards on the two punts that were returnable. Kayvon Webster and Steven Johnson each had two Special Teams Tackles. The star of the show of course, was Trindon Holliday, who had his 5th Touchdown return in less than one calendar year as a Bronco. Holliday’s TD gave the Broncos a comfortable lead. That is enough for Trindon to get the Game Ball on Special Teams.

The Game Ball on Defense isn’t so easy to determine, because, as I said, it was a team win. The sum of all parts, from Jack Del Rio to the guy who tapes up the players in the locker room, everyone contributed. For instance, Chris Harris (5 TKL, 1 QB Hit, 2 PBU’s), Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (5 TKL, 2 PBU’s), Tony Carter (3 TKL, 1 TFL, 4 PBU’s) and Rahim Moore (3 TKL, 2 PBU’s) each had an Interception. Moore and Carter graded out as the best in Pass Coverage for the game and Rahim seems to have his swagger back, delivering some good, clean, but hard hits like a proper Safety.

Robert Ayers (3 TKL, 1 TFL, 4 QB Hurries) graded out as the best Run defender, with Danny Trevathan (8 TKL, 1 TFL, 1 SK), the Broncos leading Tackler, not far behind.

Another player, one who many might have missed that had a great game, was Malik Jackson, who graded out as the best overall defender, along with Rahim Moore, for the whole game. Malik had 2 Tackles, 1 Tackle For Loss, 2 QB Hits and 2 QB Hurries, applying consistent pressure in his 32 snaps (26 pass rushing).

Despite so many choices here, I’m going to give the Game Ball to Linebacker Danny Trevathan with an Honorable mention to Tony Carter. Danny gets the nod because he made the most Tackles, got the only Bronco Sack and bounced back from a glaring mistake last week to have a terrific game.

Agree or disagree, that’s make take. The bottom line is, the Broncos won.


Go Broncos!

– Kaptain Kirk

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