2013 Denver Broncos: The Big Three


Broncos training camp always a big hit with fans

Let this sink in for a moment, Peyton Manning will be completing passes to Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, and Wes Welker. Other than the occasional turf monster (no, Eric I will never forgive you) this formidable trio will be hard to stop. For a Broncos team that was 5th in the league in passing last year, it’s scary to think about the numbers they will put up this year.

Lets look at these three individually:

Wes Welker: John Elway has done it again! He struck gold. Another year and another big free agent signing. We should also give credit to Elway for snatching a top receiver away from one of the Broncos only threats in the AFC, the Patriots. Removing one of the best weapons in Tom Brady’s arsenal is always a good thing, especially in a league built on passing and in an era built on the names of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Welker has had a 100+ pass season five times in his career. And while his signing meant the Broncos lose Brandon Stokley, who Manning had great chemistry with over the years, I don’t think he will mourn his loss very long (just a hunch).

Eric Decker: Despite the “turf monster” and his new reality show, Eric Decker came on strong last year. Manning and Decker developed a undeniable chemistry and they have the stats to show it as Decker posted 85 catches 1,064 yards and 13 touchdowns last season. With Manning’s arm seemingly stronger and his timing with Decker seemingly better I expect really great things from Decker. As long as he can stay upright (yes, one last dig).

Demaryius Thomas: I will never forget the night he was drafted. Demaryius Thomas over Dez Bryant? Oy Vey! Last season he proved why this was a smart move for the Broncos. DT exploded to the tune of 94 catches 1,434 yards and 10 touchdowns. Needless to say, Manning and Thomas were very good for each other. Manning could get Thomas the ball and Thomas was, far and away, the most athletic wide receiver Manning had ever played with. If I had to venture a guess, and I may get crucified for this, I would not be shocked if DT puts up Calvin “Megatron” Johnson type numbers this season.

It can not be under stated that the NFL is a passing league, the rules favor offenses and you have to have a franchise QB to compete. And in the fantasy football era stats are king. Its too early to predict where the Broncos will end up this season but Elway has put together a core of wideouts full of Super Bowl potential. While the Broncos have other players (Gerell Robinson, Andre Caldwell and Tavarres King) to fight for the other spots, it’s safe to say that these three will be the centerpiece of a dynamic Manning offense. Defensive coordinators around the league are going to lose sleep over playing the Broncos. Oh, and lets not forget that new offensive coordinator, Adam Gase, says this team is going to play FASTER!!!! Good Luck.


Go Broncos!

-Chris Hitchcock

Twitter @chris_hitchcock